Is Air Stripping Safe?

When it comes to the groundwater remediation, the most dependable and cost effective method for removal of volatile organic compounds is via air stripping. Air stripping is the process of moving air through contaminated surface or groundwater. It removes volatile organic compounds, which are essentially chemicals that evaporate quickly. This means they can change from a liquid state to a gas or vapor.

How Air Stripping Works

Air passes through the contaminated water, which in turn helps evaporate the dangerous chemicals. The vapors are removed or vented outside if the VOC level is small enough. It uses an air stripper machine or aeration tank in order to force contaminated water through and evaporate the offending chemicals. The packed-column air stripper is the most common type available. This is essentially a tall tank that is filled with either ceramic packing, steel or plastic.

Contaminated water is allowed into the top of the tank and then sprayed downward through the spaces between the packing materials in order to form a thin film of water that increases its exposure to air blown from the tank’s bottom. Rising air and vapors then accumulate at the top of the air stripper where they are then collected for release or for further treatment. The treated water then flows to the bottom where it is then collected and tested to ensure it meets the cleanup standards. The water may be further treated if needed to achieve the necessary level of cleanliness needed. The resulting clean water may then be pumped back to the underground or surface water source or sent for further treatment to a municipal treatment facility.

Is Air Stripping Safe?

Air stripping facilityThe process of air stripping is a generally safe procedure approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency. The air stripper device just like has may be brought to the site so that there is no need to transport the contaminated water to a processing facility. The contaminated water is contained all throughout the cleanup process and there is little or zero chance that anyone will come in contact with it. The treated water is usually returned to its source or discharged as surface water. The chemical vapors that are collected are also treated and if necessary so as to ensure there are no unsafe levels that are discharged into the environment.

Air stripping is a safe and effective means of getting rid of harmful volatile organic compounds from contaminated ground or surface water. It is normally used as a part of groundwater and treatment systems all over the country.