What To Avoid When Booking Northern Minnesota Cabin Rentals

Northen Minnesota cabin rental

Lake Superior is one of the most popular vacation places in the country. It attracts thousands of visitors each year for the fishing, hiking, kayaking and nature trails. Late May to June are the least crowded and the rates are usually lower at this time of year. If you are planning to get a cabin rental in Northern Minnesota for your Lake Superior vacation, here are some tips on what to avoid.

Do Not Skip The Descriptions When Booking Northern Minnesota Cabin Rentals

A living room inside a Northern Minnesota cabin rental

Usually, the owner writes descriptions for cabin rentals in Northern Minnesota to show vital information regarding the place.  A poor-signal-to-noise ratio may be overcome by other comments like “Its perfect here!” “Just show up in your most comfortable gear!” etc.  However, when you keep reading there is often some actual useful information like “no on-street parking, property has driveway for small cars or motorbike,” or “no airconditioning in master suite.” Check for the hard facts that might get buried underneath the praises.

Read The Reviews Carefully

Read the reviews on the Northern Minnesota cabin rental you are eyeing

On a similar note, a lot of positive reviews may feature information that is buried as you read more closely. A typical Northern Minnesota cabin rentals could have four or five star ratings and quick reviews such as “our stay was perfect, ” but delve deeper and you might find out about comments featuring “ hot water heater too small,” “could have used more seating” etc.

Never Trust Pat Phrases for Locations; Refer to Mapping Services

Always check the map when locating a Northern Minnesota cabin rental

It is not unusual to find comments such as “just a few steps to…” can be quite open to interpretation so to speak.  In my traveling experience, the comment may mean anything from right outside your door to several Olympic sized swimming pools away. To avoid this, confirm the blurb by checking out Google Earth or Street View, or even a simple mapping application to learn more about the property.

 Never Trust The Online Calendar

Call the renter if the Northern Minnesota cabin rental is available

More often than not, online calendars for lots of properties are not well maintained and are almost an afterthought for many property owners. For instance, a late cancellation, which was not updated in the online calendar, may have set your vacation a few weeks back. Always send a quick email to the owner to verify the availability of the property.

Never Underestimate Additional Fees

Always ask the renter of Northern Minnesota cabin rental of detailed billings

More often than not, the rate you see on the main search page may just be the starting point. It is not until you have actually picked your dates that you’ll know the final per-night price.  This is especially true if you intend to travel or stay during a weekend or on a high-demand season.  Moreover, many vacation rentals often require a non-negotiable “cleaning fee”, and there are some that would require renters to pay for cable or Internet.  It is your responsibility to know the actual and possible fees prior to finalizing your booking arrangements.

Never Fail To Ask If They Accept Credit Cards

Ask the renter of Northern Minnesota cabin rental is they accept credit card payments

On a historical note, most cabin rentals are check or cash transactions. Only lately have a lot of owners begun accepting plastic, often through the listing sites themselves. Any veteran traveler will tell you that using a credit car provides a lot of protection that is not usually available otherwise like holds and chargebacks.

Never Assume Owner Is Readily Available

Never expect renters of Northern Minnesota cabin rental to meet you at the property

If you know how many times you’ve checked with the front desk during a typical stay at the hotel, you will know how important it is to have somebody to talk regarding your rental. This is particularly important if there is an issue with the property.  Make sure to avail of any emergency contact information if the plumbing breaks or God forbid; the Internet goes on the Fritz.