Factors That Affect The Value Of Junk Cars

Buying A Junk Car in Phoenix Can Be ProfitableIf you are in the market to get rid of your junk cars in Phoenix, you want to know how much you can get for it. Truth of the matter is that each junk car is worth something. Even if it is no longer running or road-ready you will still get money from its sale and disposal. Here are the factors that come to play when determining the value of your junk car.


Of course a Mercedes Benz is going to be worth more than a Nova. The newer the car the more valuable it is. The older it is then the cheaper it becomes unless it is a rare model collectors are looking for. As a guide you can use the ever-reliable Kelley Blue Book to ascertain its value. Something to note, junk cars may be valued for up to 20 to 40 percent of its used car value.

Price of Scrap Metal Of Junk Cars

Junk Car For Scrap Metal in Phoenix Arizona

Normally you probably would not even bother yourself with this one. However, it does play a role in how much to buy junk cars Phoenix will go for as scrap metal. Keep in mind that cars that are not worth salvaging can still be converted to scrap metal. The average vehicle has at least 2,400 pounds of steel and 300 pounds of aluminum. These materials can be recycled to create new products and are hence valuable.

The price of scrap metal is not fixed. It fluctuates from year to year. The price is based on the law of supply & demand for aluminum and steel. For instance, high metal supply with low demand, prices will plummet. Low supply but high demand equals higher prices.

Current Vehicle Condition

Junk Car Or Sell It Out?

Without a doubt, the current condition of the vehicle plays a role in its value. The buyer wants to know what possibilities there is once he purchases the vehicles. Questions like will he still be able to repair and restore it to road worthy condition? Strip and sell for spare parts?

If junk cars have some issues that prevent it from running well, you can still demand for more cash as opposed to it being completely in a state of disrepair.

Used Parts Demand

If you have junk cars that is simply not worth refurbishing, there is still some hidden value in it. Everything from the battery to the radio, GPS, CD player, tires and more can be removed and then resold. The value of those parts will depend a lot on the demand for them. Simply put, the higher the demand, the bigger the value.